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Rs. 27,000.00

Forest Green bandhej saree with gota and rani resham work. Minimal sequin embellishment and golden zari work along the edges. Comes with a yellow back cutout blouse entailing gota and tikki work!

Saree- Bandhej
Blouse- Silk

Rs. 28,000.00

A captivating Bandhej saree in a beautiful combination of red and yellow, adorned with resham (silk thread), bulian (metallic thread embroidery), and sequence work. The red and yellow hues create a striking contrast, adding vibrancy to the saree. The intricate resham, bulian, and sequence work further enhance its appeal, bringing a touch of elegance and sparkle to the ensemble. This saree is perfect for those who appreciate traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary twist, making it an ideal choice for weddings, festivals, and special occasions where you want to stand out with a dazzling and vibrant look!

Saree- Bandhej
Blouse- Raw Silk

Rs. 25,000.00

Looking for something that enhances your overall fashion appeal for an ethnic themed event? This Saree's richness calls for a specialty in luxury and style with its famous Gota and Stone work karigari!

Saree - Bandhej
Blouse - Chanderi

Rs. 28,000.00

A stunning combination of a red Bandhani saree with a cream blouse adorned with intricate moti (pearl), bulian (embroidery with metallic thread), and sequence work on the border and blouse. The red Bandhani saree showcases the traditional tie-dye patterns, while the cream blouse adds a touch of elegance. The detailed work on the border and blouse enhances the overall aesthetic, creating a captivating ensemble that is perfect for special occasions and festivities!

Saree- Bandhej

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