Chaniya Choli – Gaurisaree


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Rs. 19,430.00
Embrace the fusion of traditional charm and contemporary flair with this stunning brown Banarasi chaniya choli ensemble. The exquisite digital print adds a modern twist to the rich Banarasi fabric, while the v-neck blouse adds a touch of sophistication!
Rs. 18,410.00
Radiate the essence of traditional elegance with this enchanting pink Bandhej Gaji silk chaniya choli ensemble. The intricate Bandhej tie-dye technique beautifully adorns the fabric, infusing it with vibrant patterns and rich cultural heritage. Step into a world of grace and charm, as you embrace the timeless beauty of this traditional attire!
Rs. 9,480.00
Embrace the serene beauty of the sky with this enchanting sky blue floral chaniya choli ensemble. The delicate floral patterns on the chaniya and choli evoke a sense of grace and femininity!
Rs. 16,650.00
Effortlessly exude grace and elegance with this exquisite pink Banarasi chaniya choli ensemble. The handworked blouse beautifully showcases intricate craftsmanship, adding a touch of opulence to the attire. Embrace the rich texture of Banarasi fabric and let the vibrant hue of pink adorn you in sheer radiance!
Rs. 20,350.00
Embrace the timeless allure of a black floral Banarasi chaniya choli ensemble. The intricate handwork on the blouse adds a touch of exquisite craftsmanship, enhancing its charm. Let the rich Banarasi fabric and delicate floral motifs transport you to a world of elegance and grace!
Rs. 7,200.00
Unleash your ethereal charm with this powder blue chaniya choli ensemble. The diamond print on the skirt adds a touch of sparkle, enhancing its grace and elegance. The handwork on the halter neck blouse exudes intricate craftsmanship, making it a true work of art. Complete the look with the delicate dupatta, and let your style shine with radiant beauty!
Rs. 16,640.00
Indulge in the captivating allure of this ensemble where artistry meets glamour. The digital printed skirt, adorned with shimmering sequins work, creates a mesmerizing visual delight. Complementing the skirt, the handworked blouse adds a touch of intricate craftsmanship, while the flowing dupatta adds grace and elegance to the overall look!
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