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Rs. 22,000.00

One cannot get an eye off from the grace of a banarasi saree. A banarasi saree is an exceptional creation crafted with a silk fabric that outshines the beauty of every woman in it. This red banarasi saree is too a striking creation done with soft silk embellished with pleasing zari work done on it. The floral designs woven with zari on the silk saree are excelling its charm and will allure the personality of one who dons this banarasi silk saree. Work well your jewellery and blouse designs with this red saree and enjoy your best traditional look.

Blouse Piece: 0.8 meters.

Note: It will take 10-12 days to ship after placing the order.


Maintenance of saree:

1. Never wash the saree at home. They might catch water stains. It is always recommended to dry clean them.

2. Fold them properly and store them in a muslin cloth. It is breathable and hence the sarees won't smell bad even after years.

3. Keep them in a dark corner of your cupboard. It prevents discoloration of the sarees over time.

4. Keep changing the fold in 3-4 months.

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